5 Things Sazan Has Learned About Her Marriage

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It’s Wifey Wednesday! Is anyone else counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas? *raises both hands* This will be mine and Stevie’s first holiday season together as a married couple so we’re extra excited! Today’s Wifey Wednesday post is going to share some things I’ve learned about marriage so far. Girrrrrrrl let me tell you. After Stevie and I celebrated our 6 months last Sunday, I couldn’t help but think back on the journey – the good times and the bad.  They say the first 6 months of marriage is the roughest. Whoever “they” is, I can see that as being true. For me, it was getting through the transitioning period from moving into a new home, living with someone other than myself (we didn’t live together until marriage) and learning how to be a good wife. I realized I’m traditional in the sense that I like to clean my own house and cook for my husband. I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to hire a cleaning crew or a chef. I also realized how much I’m like my mom! I love lighting candles and doing wifey things like hanging wedding pictures around the house.  I’m also learning so many new things about myself, my husband and our relationship everyday. I’m inspired to share so keep reading!
There’s probably a list of 100 things I could type right now about what I’ve learned over the past 6 months but these are my top.

I like a clean house at all times. Since our home is also our working environment, I like keeping things in order. I’m not OCD or Danny Tanner when I see dust, but  I’ve become a huge fan of organizing and getting rid of things we don’t need. We’re looking to buy a house in the near future so right now I want to keep our apartment as cozy and clean as possible.
2. Learning patience through the little things. Before I got married to Stevie, his parents warned me that he had a tendency of losing things. At first I thought it was cute, but now I know why! He can’t remember where he puts his things sometimes because he throws it in bins and in piles on the floor. It’s my natural instinct to just pick up after him because I love him, but at the same time I’ve learned about being more patient. To keep calm and encourage him to improve in that area. He’s done the exact same for me. I’m a crazy driver, I hate seeing bugs, I get moody on my period, and angry when I’m overwhelmed – but he’s never quick to yell or get angry with me. He’s amazing in that way.
3. Love is a decision, not a fairytale. Growing up on Disney fairytale movies will eventually teach you that life/love isn’t a fairytale. In the first 6 months of marriage I’ve learned that everyday you have to be present in your marriage. Some days will be better than others, and not every moment will feel like butterflies and cotton candy. When I say love is a “decision”, I’m not saying that you’re forcing yourself to love someone. I plan on being married to Stevie for the rest of my life and that’s a decision we’ve both made. It’s so critical to listen to your significant other and never avoid confrontation. That’s never going to be healthy for your relationship. I used to give Stevie the silent treatment when he pissed me off in college but quickly learned that’s not the best way to go. Stevie and I are blessed to both come from families whose parents have been married for over 20 years so they’ve also set some really great examples for us to follow, but at the same time we’re learning how to create our own template. Our faith is at the center of our marriage and we’ve learned so many things from God’s word about love and marriage. The bible has been our number 1 source for married life 101!
4. My Husband Loves Going to Breakfast. Stevie mentioned to me a few weeks ago that one of his favorite things to do is breakfast in them mornings with me. Truthfully, I’m not a breakfast kind of person but when he communicated that this activity was something he loved I started taking note. We’ve made it a routine on the weekends to wake up and go have breakfast somewhere. I always let him choose and that makes him happy. It’s the small things that make my husband proud. 😉
5. Cleaning and Cooking Duties. In my household growing up my mom always did all the cooking and cleaning. She genuinely enjoyed it! Me on the other hand – I wish I had that kind of time! My husband and I have a pretty good system in place. If I cook the meal, he will clean up afterwards (or vice versa). When we have kids one day we want them to see mommy and daddy both being active in the kitchen! This system works really well.
Hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re in a relationship what are some things you’ve learned? Comment and share!

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