About the Book

Living the good life can be simple. Getting to the place where you believe that and lean into it often isn’t.

“A Real Good Life” is a deeply personal and enlightening book that breaks free from the conventional Western obsession with the self-centered pursuit of “the Good Life.” Instead, it guides you toward a path that leads to genuine, authentic, and lasting happiness. While the title might imply an ideal of perfection and unending happiness, the book dives deep into life’s complexities—the highs and the lows. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing both hardships and moments of joy. Readers will discover that both aspects are equally valuable in shaping a life you can truly love every day, even when you haven’t yet reached your desired destination.

Across seventeen captivating chapters, readers will embark on a profound exploration of reflection, focus, gathering, and rest as the essential components of a truly well-lived life. Sazan and Stevie will share compelling narratives, invaluable wisdom, and practical approaches to empower readers to not only reconsider their daily routines but also establish life rhythms that are both sustainable and uniquely tailored.

A real good life awaits.

About S+S

Before becoming “influencers” with millions of followers, hundreds of thousands of views, and collaborations with globally recognized brands, Sazan and Stevie’s journey began when they met in college at the University of North Texas. Their pursuit of careers in the entertainment industry led them to Los Angeles, where they confronted the harsh realities of trying to break into the business, facing financial struggles, and putting their dreams to the test. However, their greatest challenge came when they decided to marry each other, as they had to overcome cultural barriers and withstand family disapproval to be together. They firmly believed in their ability to overcome adversity and trusted that God had significant plans for them.Throughout their professional journeys, their mission evolved to help others discover a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment often missing from both the online and offline world. They intentionally invited others to join them on their journey, sharing real-life experiences and moments, and infusing more love and joy into their “online fam.” In the process, they not only uncovered the essence of a good life but also dedicated themselves to helping others grasp it. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of algorithms, platforms, and business ventures, their commitment to kindness and compassion has remained unwavering.