Coziest Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to add personal touches throughout your home. We think of our home as an extension of ourselves, and want it to reflect our lives and interests. Thankfully, we've found so many amazing coffee table books that are both beautiful and personal. In addition to the ones we've listed below, we recommend looking in used book stores around town, or in local shops when you're visiting somewhere new!

Books are some of our favorite decorative pieces in our home. Whether it’s on a shelf or on a coffee table or in Stevie’s office library (tour coming soon!), we love the comforting feeling and cozy touch books bring into the home. We especially love decorating with vintage books! They are great conversation starters. We'll never forget the time that we visited Round Top with a couple of our friends who were in town. We walked into this really cool store and immediately our eyes were drawn to a huge oversized vintage New York Times coffee table book. Each page featured a 1920s front cover of New York Times newspaper. We have it on our coffee table now, and it is such a conversation starter! It is always fun to flip through the pages and see what some of the ads and stories looked like 100 years ago. We love a good coffee table book that will become a keepsake as the years go on. We can’t wait to pass down some of our favorite books one day to our girls!

If you're looking for a coffee table book that is a bit more meaningful and unique, we recommend either the New York Times Birthday Book or a subscription to Storyworth. The NYT option is a beautiful leather bound book that contains the front page of their newspaper from the day of birth of your choosing and every subsequent birthday up until present day. It is similar to our antique find! Storyworth, is a remarkable subscription service that emails a thoughtful prompt to you, or someone you choose, every week for a year. At the end of the year, they compile all of the answers into a gorgeous bound book. It is a great tradition to start in your family. The stories your parents and grandparents have are so valuable, and Storyworth makes it easy to capture them in a keepsake.

Traveling is one of our favorite things to do as a family and we love picking up a coffee table book as souvenirs along the way.
Tips: Sometime’s (depending on the cover) we'll remove the paper sleeve of the book to reveal the more simple hardcover. Which will help your space feel more neutral when you are using for decor.

You can find all of our favorite coffee table books listed below on our Amazon storefront

Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living


American Cowboys

Wise Trees

Holiday: The Best Travel Magazine That Ever Was

Kinfolk Travel: Slower Ways to See the World

Sailing the Seas: A Voyager's Guide to Oceanic Getaways

Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion

Polo Heritage

Countryside Living

PrettyCityNewYork: Discovering New York's Beautiful Places

To see all of our favorite coffee table books in one place, check out our Amazon storefront!

We are always looking to grow our coffee table collection, so if there are any books you recommend please let us know below! 

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