Love Letters + Meaningful Date Night Questions

This Valentine's Day we’re forgoing gifts and exchanging love letters instead. It might sound mushy, but there is something so special about a hand written note from a loved one. We love how it requires time and intention, things that are hard to focus on in our busy everyday lives. 

Writing a love letter is a great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane! It is so sweet to reminisce on past date nights, milestones, and small moments shared. We encourage you to make love letters a tradition in your relationship. It is a beautiful thing to be able to look back on how your relationship and love for each other has grown over the years through the lens of the letters. 

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It is so easy now a days, especially for us as parents and co workers, to allow romance to fall to the bottom of the priority list. That’s why we’ve made a point to call up a sitter and schedule in a date night once a month where we get dressed up and out of the house. Throughout our relationship, we’ve made sure to continue to date each other like we did at the beginning. To write each other love notes, go out of our way to do little things to help each other out, never hold back when giving a compliment, and more to foster the spark in our partnership. After all these years, we still get butterflies when we’re around each other, and we are still learning new things about each other all the time.

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After a while though, it can feel like we’ve talked about everything together. So to make sure we don’t spend our date nights talking about work or chores we need to do, we prep a few questions to ask each other. Most of the times the questions we ask lead into deeper conversations so we end up only getting through a few. It is truly so amazing to continue to learn new things about each other, and deepen our connection as partners and parents. We've added a list of some sample questions if you need any inspiration! 

This Valentine's Day, we encourage you to learn at least one new thing about your partner! Do you have any questions that have sparked a great date night conversation? Let us know below, we're always looking for inspiration! 

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