The BEST Football Game Snack

Football season is in full swing and we’ve been making sure to catch a game when we can. We challenge you to take game day up a notch by setting up a popcorn bar to enjoy with friends and family (or even dive into just yourself!) We’ve found that this is a great way to bring your kids into the festivities if they aren’t too keen on watching the game.

Best Game Day Snack

What you’ll need:

  • Popcorn
  • Toppings

That’s really it!

To serve:

  • 1 large bowl
  • Smaller bowls to serve each portion
  • Cups, or glasses, or bowls to hold toppings

Popcorn Bar

We use three bag of microwave popcorn. If you are more of a pre-popped person, that's fine too! We typically go for any brand of light-butter microwavable popcorn. You could definitely use movie theater butter, or kettle corn, or really any flavor your heart desires! Portions can change based on the number of people you are serving.

In our family, the sweet tooth gene is strong so we stock up on sugary toppings for our popcorn bar. Staples include: Milk Duds and M&Ms. Since it is Fall after all, we have recently added candy corn into the mix. The great thing about this treat is it is very customizable. You can use chocolate, gummy candy, or even savory snacks if sweets aren’t your thing.

Start by popping your popcorn and pouring it all into a large bowl when it's ready. Next fill up cups or glasses with each of your toppings. Only add one type of topping into each container. Set aside enough small bowls so there is one for each person participating. On the table place the large popcorn bowl on one end and line the toppings up beside it to create a sort of popcorn buffet. Have each person grab a bowl and fill it with popcorn and then go down the line adding whatever toppings they’d like on top of the popcorn. They can mix it all up or enjoy it as is. We recommend leaving the bar out for a little while in case you want to go back for seconds or thirds or more!

DIY Popcorn Bar
What toppings would you use for your popcorn bar? Leave us a comment, we'd love to try out a new spread! 

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