A Simple and Beautiful Fall Wreath DIY

It is finally fall so we have dusted off all of our favorite seasonal decor.This year we made our own festive wreath to hang on our front door. We loved how it turned out, so we’ve included the steps below if you want to make one for your home! 

Easy Fall Wreath DIY



  • 1 Twig Wreath to use as the base
  • An array of dried flowers with long stems
  • Small pinecones
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine

How to:

We started by laying out all of the supplies on a clean table! We’ve found that clean up is much more manageable when we start with an organized space. We placed the bare wreath in the middle of the table and put the dried flowers and pine cones next to it. Before attaching any of the foliage, we mapped out in our head roughly what portion of the wreath we wanted to cover. We played around with spacing a bit and decided that we would leave the top half of the wreath bare. You are welcome to take creative liberty here! You can cover a side half, top quarter, or the whole thing if you wish! Do what you feel would fit your style and it is sure to look great. 

DIY Fall Wreath


After mapping out what section we would cover, we started to play around with foliage placement so we had a better idea of exactly where everything would go before actually attaching anything. Try out different layering styles and texture mash ups because you might just stumble upon something great! You may need to trim some stems, but we suggest waiting until you have perfected your design because the stems will be used to secure the flowers to the wreath.

Working from the bottom layer up, we attached each piece to the wreath. For the flowers, we were able to thread the stems through the wreath and then wrap a little piece of metal twine around them to secure them to the base. We made sure to pick the wreath up and hold it out to make sure that nothing fell off. To attach the pine cones, We put hot glue on the bottom of them and held them in place until the glue dried. Be patient with this step! You may find that some of the cones need a second or third round of glue to stay on. 

Once we had attached all the foliage to the wreath we did one last check by lifting it up and giving it a gentle shake. It passed the test and was ready to be hung from my front door as the finishing touch to our cozy Fall porch decor!

Fall Door Wreath DIY
We'd love to know if you try this DIY! Leave a comment if there is anything you did differently when putting together your wreath.

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