Be Our Guest with Sadie Robertson Huff

We are thrilled to share the first installment in our new series, Be Our Guest with Stevie and Sazan! Our dream for this series is to lend a key to some of our favorite people so they can share what they love with our fam. We'll be featuring our guests here on the blog, on our instagram page, and in our newsletter so be sure to look out for all three if you don't want to miss one! 

We recently got to chat with our first guest and friend, Sadie Robertson Huff, about all things love and relationships. You can tune into our podcast episode with her but we've included some of our favorite questions and answers below.  

Note: Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What does your ideal date night look like nowadays?

[I used to] say an ideal date night would be: cook dinner, go eat it outside on a picnic with Christian. Now that we have Honey, if we’re going to have a date night- take me out, I’m not cooking. Lets sit at a nice restaurant, order some good food, get some dessert, make it a whole thing! That would be my ideal date night. Then go home, watch a movie, pop some popcorn. I’m a popcorn fanatic- thats fun fact about me!

Sadie Robertson Husband

Where does one begin to search for Mr. Right?

Mr. Right did not come when we were searching, he came when we were resting in our contentment with being single. I met Christian on a vacation! If you can find contentment where you’re at, you might be surprised who comes along.

How did you know that Christian was the one?

There was an "a-ha" moment and the irony is it was actually when I was going to break up with him and I realized he was the one. I didn’t actually want to break up with him, I just knew that I probably didn’t need to be in a relationship at the time because it was a crazy season in my life. I said to him, “I just don’t know if this is going to work” because I was like “I’m about to go on tour and I would just feel so bad if I wasn’t here and blah blah blah” He said to me, “never apologize for the things God does in your life.” And then he said “if its a win for God, and its a win for you, then its a win for me.”

Sadie Robertson Christian

What is your favorite Valentine's gift you’ve given or received?

My favorite gifts to get are the little ones that Christian does when he surprises me with something. Last year for Valentines Day I was super pregnant and I woke up and he had notes all over the house like “follow me, follow me, follow me." I go all the way upstairs and he was in the room and he had this giant teddy bear and chocolate and everything. I don’t even think I ever ate the chocolate, but it was just the fact that he did that it was so sweet. When I would get in his car when we were dating, because we were long distance, he would always come pick me up and there was always something in the passenger's seat for me. Ever since the very first date, he knew I liked Watermelon gum, so there was watermelon gum in the passenger's seat. For those out there who are like, “I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t know what to get my person”, it doesn’t have to be super extravagant or expensive. Those little things are sometimes the best!

What is some encouragement for anyone going through heartbreak right now?

Its always easier to speak to heartbreak when you’re on the other side of it because when you’re in it theres no denying that its just hard. Some advice I got right after a break up that I think saved me from a lot of pain was “don’t be bound in bitterness.” I think its so easy to be bound in bitterness after a heartbreak, but that anger does not help anyone. Do whatever you have to do to get out of that bitterness. Pray through it, forgive that person. Truly forgiving and getting that bitterness out of your heart will actually help you for you to move forward. Hard work but so worth it for you to move past it.

Sadie Robertson Heart Break

Thank you to Sadie for chatting with us!


While Sadie is sharing about relationships here, we plan for our guests to cover a variety of topics such as home decor, recipes, and more. We'd love to know who your dream guest would be so please let us know below! 

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