Time to Delete Him? Stevie's Dating Advice..

Hey guys, Stevie here. Being a guy, dude, bro, man, whatever… we tend to operate in similar ways when it comes to dating (just ask my wife). So for the ladies out there, I’ll save you a little trouble and give you a few reasons why you should press delete on Bobby from Tinder, James From The Bar, or Michael “Babe” Jones from your life.

1. He’s Flaky, like a Croissant
You know you should drop him when… he’s canceled on you not once, not twice, but three times. Third time’s the charm if you ask me. Time to finally say delete, delete, delete. Why? Let’s be honest- if you’re trying harder than he is, then he’s most likely not that into you. Was that too harsh? If it’s a NO even for a cup of coffee, then don’t waste your time, plenty more doo-doo heads out there!

2. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
You know you should drop him when… you can’t seem to trust his word. Did he say you’re the only girl he’s talking to, but his Instastory is saying otherwise? Is he “going to his friend’s house”, when you actually saw him at happy hour? Sounds like a drama-filled episode of Cheaters. I always tell my sisters to trust their guts, and turn the other way if he isn’t 100%.

3. Slow Down, Buddy
You know you should drop him when… things are going way too fast. If you feel uncomfortable, you most likely need to switch the gear in reverse. And yes! There is such thing as a woman taking the lead in a relatonship if you’re interested in someone, but you can’t push it.. you got to let it flow like the Nile, you feel me?

4. Bench Status
My buddy used this term the other day and I laughed because I’m not familiar with all these dating terms as an old married man. 😉 So what does a bench warmer do best? You know you should drop him if…
a. He only hits you up late at night.
b. He only texts you once in awhile, and that’s when he’s got nothing to do.
c. He steady asks for pics… you know which ones.

Bottom line is – Don’t settle for being a bench warmer when you can be the star playa! Ohhh. #icy

5. Cake- Having it, and Eating it too
 You know I love cake, but we’re not talking about Betty Crocker here. You should drop him when… you’re using him! WHAT. Whether it’s an emotional comfort or physical – Keep the expectations mutual and don’t mooch if you can’t commit. If you’re constantly sucking the life out of your dude then maybe it’s time to delete him and check yourself too! #Dang #KeepinIt100

Relationships are work, man! Thank God I found my wife! lol. That’s my advice for the day – I wonder if my wife would agree with me here from a woman’s perspective? Hit us up in the comments and let me know what topic I should uncover next. You can also check out a few previous posts from this relationship series my wife made me participate in below. Jk Love y’all. Signing out, #StevEASY #Rodrigo 😀

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