6 Simple Ways to Refresh the Home for Spring

It officially feels like spring in Austin! Spring is the season of renewal. This is the time of year we're getting rid of clutter and getting some good old storage containers to neatly put away any fall decor. Once that’s done…the fun part! Here are 6 simple (and affordable!) ways we refresh our home for spring without it feeling daunting and overwhelming!

1. Pick your *Spring Dream* Color Palette: Choose a color palette with 3-5 tones (go on Pinterest and search spring Pantone color palettes for inspiration!) to help you narrow down what colors of certain things you want to add into the home. This makes shopping so much easier. We love moodier tones for fall/winter and brighter tones that feel fresh and light for spring. For our living space area, these are the spring colors we felt drawn to. we felt was our vibe were these colors — which I love still have a warm/cozy feel!

 warm spring color palette

2. Start with the Couch: I’ve found this is the best place to start your spruce up! Pillows & throw blankets are a simple way to spring it up. You might already have some pillows that are great for all year round but a couple plaid or floral patterned accent pillows can do the trick. Or maybe you need some texture by adding a faux shearling or linen pillow into the mix. I found the same fall pillows we loved and swapped them for the cooler grey tone. I love the knitted texture and how it looks against our couch and the other pillows we keep all year. 

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3. Add Florals/Greenery/Wreaths: In our home you’ll find a little bit of real and a little bit of faux trickled throughout. It’s my favorite way to celebrate a new season — by bringing in hints of the outdoors. I definitely do not have a green thumb, but I love how fresh flowers and plants can instantly add color and life to a room. (Did you know plants also filter toxins and release oxygen to help you breathe easier?) When it comes to faux, it can’t look cheap so I’ve included a few of my favorites at the end of this post!

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4. Candles, Room Sprays & Soaps: No better feeling than the home smelling like fresh spring notes all around. It’s amazing what a good candle and a room spray can do to liven up a room. For spring our favorite candle might be our Secret Garden candle - featuring garden-fresh notes of lavender, seasoned oak, moss, and leather. Fresh like spring but still cozy like a home should be! We also love sprucing up our hand soap scents and recently found a cute ceramic soap dispenser to bring into the spring mix!

antique vases, ceramic pots, ceramic vases, shop spring decor

5. Pots and Vases: This is the perfect time of year to visit local antique and thrift shops for cute vases and pots for plants! We’ve find our vase vibes gravitating towards neutrals that feel "bib chic". We might splurge a little too since it's a great transition piece from season to season. But also— look for those special patterns like this and colors that can bring vibrance to an entry way or island center-piece. Things you can put in vases this time of year are your plants, good quality faux greens, fresh flowers, fresh fruit like oranges and lemons — or you can leave them empty and pose as stylish shelf accents.

6. Wallpaper: This is something on my list to try! Nowadays you can spruce up an accent wall or a small room with no-mess or fuss thanks to options like peel-and-stick wallpaper that's removable. I don’t have the guts myself to try this yet BUT it’s one of those things that just takes doing it one time to build the confidence to then do it again and again. I discovered you can literally buy kids’ wallpaper for less than $15 a roll at Target or spend more than $100 a roll for designer patterns. The options are endless and it's a very inexpensive way to spice up a space! And speaking of wallpaper, every season we change the 'wallpaper art' on our Frame TV and it really saves us the money of having to buy new artwork!

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P.S. Have you considered re-arranging some furniture? That might be the easiest and most affordable way to re-imagine a space and make it new again. I love sprucing up with my affordable shops like Target, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Amazon but then adding a special touch with local antique finds. What are your go-to stores this time of year?

Below you’ll find links to all of my spring favorite items we have in our home + a few added faves. Happy shopping!

With Love, Sazan

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