Our Cabin Inspired Primary Bedroom

It’s official… our primary bedroom is complete. Never thought we’d say those words out loud let alone have pictures to share – but here we are! When we started this over a year ago, we honestly didn’t know where to start if I’m being honest. The goal? To simply warm up our bedroom and make it feel like a cabin we can wake up in every morning and tuck back into at the end of every day.

cabin inspired primary bedroom inspirationI guess we should call it our real life “Cottage in the Woods” inspired bedroom.


 The challenge? Our bedroom was like a big bright glass box covered with windows and limited wall space. Don’t get me wrong, we love the natural light but how could we re-imagine this space to be a warm and cozy oasis? Because — that is exactly what a primary bedroom should feel like. 

For starters, we got on Pinterest. A lot. We found a pattern in our pinning to everything that had a cabin-inspired look and feel. That instantly helped us catch a vision for this space. 

Here’s the little (and big!) things we did to bring our cabin dream to life. 
stone fireplace cabin inspired

 We added a fireplace. We knew this was tricky considering this is the only wall in the room not covered with windows. However, we felt like a stone-finish fireplace would instantly add warmth to the space.

Sconces / Lighting Fixtures were also added because you can't have the perfect cabin-inspired bedroom if the lighting isn’t right! We’re also just suckers for a good dimmer. Being able to control the ambience in your primary is a game-changer. Not to mention the right light-bulbs and fixtures can help kick that cozy feeling 10 notches up – or down – if you want! ;)
cabin inspired primary bedroom with stone fireplace
cabin inspired primary bedroom with stone fireplace
The Wooden Beams - took the ceiling to the next level. Before it was just a plain white ceiling and we realized that bringing in that woody feel would add so much more charm and character.
cabin inspired primary bedroom
cabin inspired primary bedroom with stone fireplace

(All sources & links are at the bottom of this post!) 

A seated nook area –  Not only do these chairs help fill up the space in this big room up but we love how it invites warm hangout moments into the bedroom. It’s also nice to see our bed isn’t resting alone in one giant box!

The Bed Itself- since it is the center-piece of the room, we chose one that would compliment the vision of what we might see in a cabin. We love the soft and comfortable texture against the wood and it was definitely the perfect finishing touch!

Our Rug - we were looking everywhere for a durable but soft woven rug that’s kid + pet friendly and we finally found one that we LOVE for this bedroom.

cabin inspired primary bedroom with stone fireplace

Paint color:  We went with JHwall paints colors 102 and 103. We did one layer of 102 and then another layer of 103 over it. It is a lime wash style paint that adds more texture to the wall.

cabin inspired primary bedroom with stone fireplace



 Shoppe Amber Interiors / BedSide Tables; Maiden Home / Side Chairs; Restoration Hardware / Woven Rug (old; shop similar);Pottery Barn / Bedding Set; Pottery Barn / Lamps on our side tables; Anthropologie / Brass Mirror; Gucci / Throw Blanket (old; shop similar); Dressers & Fireplace / Custom Build by Soleil Floors (our family's business!)  

With Love, S+S

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Looks lovely! I’m looking for a wood ceiling just like this. Can you share where you got it?

Molly September 12, 2023

What kind of wood did you use on the ceiling and what stain brand and color?

Caitlin August 19, 2023

How big is the room?can I have the dimensions/blueprints?

Mia July 18, 2023

Curtains and curtain hardware?

Leone June 13, 2023

Curtains & curtain hardware?!

Ra March 05, 2023

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