Our Top Tips + Planners for Setting Goals

We’re nearing the end of the first month of the year which, in the past, was when we found that some of those New Year's resolutions we made had started to slip away from us. So we made a resolution to find out how we could keep our resolutions. Resolutions are really just goals and intentions we set for ourselves that we believe will help us cultivate a good life. We've benefitted from using planners and journals to keep track of our goals and growth, so we've listed out our favorite ones below. The best part is you don't need to wait for a new year to set new goals for yourself. It is always a good time to tend to yourself!


Start Small: If all of your goals are too broad, you may feel like you have been putting in work but seeing no progress and that can be discouraging. We recommend picking a couple of big goals and working through them backwards. If one of your goals is to advance in your career, you may find yourself feeling burnt out if you're trying to reach it by overdoing it at work. Instead, write out all the ways you could go about progressing. Next, create action items for them. For example there may be a online course you could take, or a new project management software you could try. These items are the stepping stones to reaching your overarching goal. They are much easier to tackle, and you'll be able to see all the progress your making.

Seek Support: We've found that it feels easier to work towards our goals when we aren't doing it all alone. You may have friends and family members whose goals are a lot like yours! See if you can lean on each other as you go. Maybe there's someone in your life who would be happy to attend a work out class with you, or you may find someone you can call when you have a question about a recipe if your goal is to make more meals at home. 

Get Organized: Organization is key to making plans and keeping them! We've listed out our tried and true journals and planners below. Some are available as a digital download, but personally we prefer putting actual pen to paper.  Studies have shown that physically writing things down helps commit them to memory, and we've found that to be the case for us! A great way to start your day on the right foot is to write out your plans. You can keep an hourly schedule, or just list out things you hope to accomplish. We recommend including a little list of things you are grateful for too. 

Pocketo Concept Planner

Pocketo Concept Planner:

This planner is perfect for scheduling out the steps you want to take to reach your goals. It includes open dated weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars with space to write out your ideas and goals

Full Focus Planner

Full Focus Planner:

This is a great daily planner for keeping your professional and personal life organized. It helps connect your little to do items to your larger overall goals. We love this method + planner!

The Daily Page

The Daily Page Notepad:

While there are planner versions of The Daily Page, we really like using the notepad. It feels great to start each day with a clean slate by ripping off yesterday's page. This notepad will help you track it all- even your water intake!

More Planners + Office Supplies:

We hope you are having a great year so far, and we are cheering you on as you work towards your goals both big and small! Please leave a comment below with any tips and tricks you have, or planners you recommend!



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