Finding Inspiration From Cozy Coffee Shops

Hi fam, it's Stevie here! I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend. One my favorite things to do with the girls is take them on daddy-daughter coffee shop dates. It is sweet time I get to share with them, and hopefully I can pass my passion for coffee on to them. My go-to order recently has been an iced almond milk latte, and the girls get hot chocolates. 

There are tons of vibe-y coffee shops in Austin and I find so much inspiration for S+S by taking in the ambience while working in them. Whenever we are traveling, I make sure to fit in couple coffee shop stops and we have found some dreamy places that way. When we aren't working or hanging out at coffeeshops, they are still on our mind! Recently, we've been pinning (S+S Pinterest!) some pictures of coffeeshops that really capture the warm, cozy S+S vibes. I find that they are great at capturing the old meets new essence that we strive for.

Things I love about these coffee shops:

  • Antique accents
  • Bright backsplashes
  • Dimly lit spaces
  • Window seating
  • Provencal wood
  • Ornate doorways
  • Unique light fixtures
  • Indoor plants

How you can get this look at home:

  • Browse antique shops for cozy furniture and home decor pieces
  • Second hand stores have amazing selections of beautiful vintage glass and serve ware
  • Create a vision board on Pinterest or Canva like the ones we've shared here
  • Visit local coffee shops and note any pieces they have that would work well in your home
  • Don't be afraid to mix eras! We are all about old meets new when it comes to decorating our home
  • Know what search terms to use such as, "antique brass" or "provencal wood"

I hope these pics have captured the cozy feels we're going for. Let us know if you decide to bring some of the coffee shop vibes into your home, or if you've been inspired to make a visit to one near you!

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