The Art Of Letter Writing: Summer Prompts

One of our hopes for S+S, and all it encompasses, is for it to be a meeting point between old and new. This summer we want to bring new life to the old practice of letter writing. Handwritten letters are treasured keepsakes in our home and one of our favorite expressions of love between friends and family. From summer romance notes, to postcards from a far, to camp letters between friends, we are celebrating the art of letter writing in this season of the year and our lives!

We've found that from the reflective nature and time it takes to sit down and compose a letter, a level of depth and open heartedness can come about that may not in a face to face conversation. To continue our family history journey, which we started sharing here with the love story of Stevie's grandparents, we would love to exchange handwritten letters with our loved ones this summer. It is so amazing how learning about our family members and their stories has shown us beautiful things about ourselves and our story. We can't wait to dive deeper! 

To help us begin of our summer letter writing venture, we've compiled a little list of summer themed prompts we will be pulling from to spark conversation. We've shared them below and hope they can provide you with inspiration if you join us as we start a new tradition this year!

  1. What is the key to a perfect summer night?
  2. Do you have any funny family vacation stories? Maybe a day where everything went wrong that you can laugh about now?
  3. Have you ever had a summer romance?
  4. How did you spend your summer when you were my age?
  5. Where is your favorite place you have traveled to? Where would you love to travel to?
  6. What has been your favorite summer read?
  7. What is the soundtrack to your summers?
  8. Do you have a go to summer recipe? Was is passed down to you? 
  9. Have you ever had a summer job?
  10. Do you have a special childhood summer memory?

They may seem simple on the surface, but we've found that they've opened the door to wonderful conversations by just talking them through with each other. As we ease into this project, we want to avoid making it feel daunting for ourselves or our pen pals so for now we will be keeping the questions light to make space for thoughtful answers! We can't wait to hear from our loved ones and share our stories with them. We'd love to know if you use any of these prompts! 

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