Embracing the Real Good Life: A Journey of Discovery and Connection

Hello fam! We aren't sure if you've heard the news yet but WE WROTE A BOOK!  Today we're tucking away here in this cozy corner to tell you FIRST why we wrote this book. Let us dive in!

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In a world bustling with ambitions and aspirations, it's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of an elusive "good life." We all have our own notions of what that entails – success, wealth, recognition, happiness – the list goes on. But what if the key to a truly fulfilling life lies not in striving for perfection, but in embracing the imperfect, genuine moments that make up our everyday existence? This is the essence of our journey as we invite you into our story of self-discovery, connection, and understanding what it truly means to live a real good life.

The Unlikely Beginning

The stage was set in the spring of 2011 when I, Sazan, a student producer at the University of North Texas, first laid eyes on Stevie Hendrix. An unexpected encounter over a makeup mishap sparked a connection that would later develop into something profound. Our paths intertwined as we collaborated on various projects, navigated the challenges of young adulthood, and gradually realized the importance of treasuring life's simplest pleasures.

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The Misconceptions of the Good Life

Like many of us, we initially believed that the good life was a destination achieved through constant hustling, achieving goals, and amassing accolades. Yet, as we embarked on our respective journeys, we discovered that this notion was far from accurate. The real good life wasn't about the grand achievements; it was about appreciating the small moments, building authentic connections, and living with intention.

Chasing Dreams and Facing Challenges

Through our experiences, we learned that chasing the good life often comes with its share of challenges and competition. The pressures to measure up to societal standards, the envy of others' apparent successes, and the fear of missing out can cloud our perception of the goodness already present in our lives. Yet, these challenges also provided opportunities for growth and self-awareness.

The Power of Living in the Present

At the heart of our message is the idea that the real good life is found in the present moment. We advocate for living intentionally, engaging with each phase of the day, and recognizing that every day offers a chance to move closer to what truly matters. By acknowledging that the good life is an ongoing journey rather than a distant goal, we can experience contentment and fulfillment right where we are. And we have found the secret recipe for cultivating more real and intentional habits to help you see the good as we sectioned this book into the 4 phases of a 24 hour day.

The Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

As we recount our journey, we will offer you a glimpse into our joys and heartaches, growth and setbacks, and our evolving perspectives on life. Our story is a testament to the fact that the good life is not a fixed state but a continuous exploration of self and others. It's about finding beauty in both the challenging textures and the vibrant hues of life.

Embracing Your Unique Path

In a world where comparison and self-doubt often prevail, we want to encourage you to embrace your unique paths and celebrate the person you are becoming. Whether you're facing triumphs or tribulations, you have the power to build a good life by intentionally nurturing relationships, practicing self-compassion, and finding purpose in each day.

couple, nature, photography, california, stevie and sazan, a real good life, book, christian coupleYour Invitation to a Real Good Life

Through our journey, we hope it teaches readers that the real good life is not reserved for a distant future or a certain set of achievements. It's a daily practice of embracing the present, connecting with others, and finding joy in the simple moments. As we share our experiences, challenges, and wisdom, we invite you to recognize that our lives, just as they are, hold immense value and potential.

So, let's embark on this journey together – a journey toward embracing the real good life. PRE-ORDER Your copy of A Real Good Life HERE. In stores every 10/10! P.S. If you order now - save your confirmation #. We have some exciting bonus offers coming your way!

With Love, S+S

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