Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom + Dad

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Your due date is approaching and you don't know what to pack in your hospital bag. That's okay, we've got you covered. And dad, we didn't forget about you!  So here's what you'll need to pack in your hospital bags—and what you don't (according to our community we polled on Instagram!) 

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SHOP 1. Easy nursing slip-on gown (if you're in the mood to splurge) / comfy nursing bra & these MAGICAL nursing cups; 2. phone charger / extension cord; 3. soft throw blanket because the hospital ones aren't cozy; 4. socks with grippers / or slippers like this; 5. toiletries: lip balm, face mist, cleanser, moisturizer , deodorant, toothbrush/paste; 6. favorite snacks: Chomp sticks, nuts, protein bars..; 7. small bluetooth speaker to drown out hospital noises / play music; 8. mom dress + baby's going home outfit (keep it comfy/ simple); 9. baby's car seat (Fave HERE); 10. shower list: razor, shampoo, conditioner, body soap (keep it travel size!); 11. makeup: concealer, blush and powder (most likely won't use so keep minimal!); 12. small gift from baby to siblings (a sweet idea when they meet for first time); 13. granny pantie underwear or these disposable diapers or pads; 14. hair ties or head band; 15. any medications / supplements usually taken // CUTE HOSPITAL BAG DUFFLE HERE

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SHOP 1. Comfortable clothes like this / slippers or easy shoes / underwear; 2. phone charger / extension cord; 3. Bring your own warm blanket and pillow; hospital ones are rough; 4. Food: Protein bars, shakes, jerky— stuff you can eat for energy boost; 5. Toiletries: face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, toothbrush/paste; 6. small bluetooth speaker to drown out hospital noises / play music; 7. Any medications / supplements usually taken; 8. For fun: film camera / polaroid cam to capture the sweet mems; 9. weighted eye mask if you have sensitivity to light or trouble catching ZzZ's

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 P.S. Don't forget Travel sized containers like this to put toiletries like skincare and shower products in. See more of our favorites linked through the widget below!

When's the best time to have your hospital bag ready to go? Most women (and gents!) pack them around 36-37 weeks, just in case you go into labor before your due date (it happens!) Mamas, when did you pack your hospital bag and was there any MUSTS we missed!? 

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Maybe earplugs and a nice silk eye mask to tune things out a little when I can. Sometimes you prefer silence over music and the earplugs are key. Light and noise doesn’t bother my hubby at all, so he didn’t want these too, but I’ve always been sooo sensitive to lights and sounds when trying to relax.

Hannah June 02, 2023

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