How to Decorate a Cozy Fall Porch

Last year was our first time decorating a TX fall porch and to be honest, we're doing the same thing this year! You can read all about in this post we pulled from the Sazan Blog archives. Enjoy!

Fall Porch Decor

Hey guys! It’s my favorite time of year… FALL! I love fall so much that at 34-weeks pregnant (when I should be setting up baby #2’s room), I’m decorating my front porch instead. I need to get my nesting priorities straight, but anyways, I’m so happy with how my porch turned out. I actually didn’t know where to start and thought it might be overwhelming and expensive… but I realized it just takes a little inspiration and getting creative with what you have that can make all the difference! So here’s how I did it! 

Cozy Fall Inspiration

Before I went to the store, I spent some time researching online and looking at Pinterest first to see what my vibe was going to be. I highly suggest this so that you can start thinking about what you already have lying around. Also, try to find porches that look similar or close to yours. For example, if you have stairs, search for front porch stairways and see how other people decorated theirs.

Fall Front Porch

Here is a list of cozy fall things that brought my porch to life:

  1.  Layered Door Mat – I totally stole this idea from Pinterest! I bought this ” Thankful” doormat, but it looked a little naked on its own. In our pantry, I had this checkered indoor/outdoor rug and I loved how it looked as the background color against the mat.  
  2. Lanterns Filled with Little Pumpkins or Flameless Candles – I thought this was genius! We’ve had these lanterns forever so it was a creative way to bring them into the space.
  3. Wooden wagon or Vintage Chair Moment – I went around my house and started seeing what key pieces I had that could work. I actually got super excited to bring out this old vintage chair and wagon to do something with it since they’ve been laying around in storage. We got them at an antique thrift store but any wagon will do! You can even use a wooden milk crate, old bench, or hay bales and stack them with pumpkins.  
  4. Fun Little Signage – Whether it’s a wooden Fall or Autumn themed sign, or one like this that I grabbed from our house, adding a little signage to your porch can add some personality and in my case, let it be known that you can’t mess with Texas! 😉
  5. Mums and Pumpkins – This really brought the porch to life! I actually got the mums at our local HEB grocery store and the pumpkins from Sprouts! I love having an assortment of cozy fall colors and there’s no such thing as having too many pumpkins. You’ll find a place for them, trust me!

Best Fall DecorFall Porch DecorationHope this was helpful! Now get out there and make your outdoor space as cozy as can be! 


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