The Story Behind S+S

Two years ago we took the first steps on this journey to bring to life something that had been nestled deep in our hearts. A few weeks ago, we found ourselves in Vermont, shooting the campaign of our dreams, taking us one step closer to sharing with you the journey we had embarked on two years ago.Here’s the truth. When we started this project we weren’t sure what it was even going to be. What we knew was that we were feeling pulled to pour our hearts into something that was our own. After launching our podcast, we realized how amazing it felt to connect with people on a real level. However, our mission didn’t feel complete just yet. We spent countless hours digging deep into our spirits and praying about what this “next thing” was going to be. A thing we wanted to do together to share what really matters most in our hearts, inspiring people along the way.

Sazan HendrixWe needed to clear the land before we could break ground. We took time off to tuck away. We put in place routines to give our day to day life more balance. We parted ways with the old to make room for the new. This meant closing the book on things that no longer fit our growing vision so we could open up a new chapter with a clean slate and clear minds. We invested time and energy into learning how to start a business ourselves. We met with coaches and mentors until we felt we had a good grasp on everything, all while knowing we had a solid support system of people who were happy to lend a hand along the way.

Stevie and Sazan

When we finally saw the vision, we realized it was a mountain so big that we didn’t know which way to start climbing. So we began praying. We waited patiently on God’s timing to bring us both the resources we knew we needed, and the ones we didn’t even know we needed. 

We ended up building a small team to help us carry out our vision. Together, we created this website to be nothing short of what we dreamed it could be. We conducted product research and dedicated ourselves to product development ensuring we had a hand in every single step. There were many setbacks throughout this process. Ones we had anticipated may occur, and ones we had never expected. With each roadblock it became tougher to not feel discouraged, but we found peace in knowing the highs and lows were all a part of a greater plan. It is hard to release control, but it is crucial to carry on.

Vermont in the FallIt finally felt real two years into this journey when we had our feet on the ground in Vermont, bringing life to the campaign that would accompany the launch of our brand, S+S. The vision we had been working towards all this time. We are writing this days away from this website going live. We are coming up on the announcement of the very first product that will live in the S+S shop. You’ll find some other blogs already published, and we are working on recipes, how tos, letters from us, and more to come. We will be continuing to release episodes of the podcast that started this whole journey, and you’ll be able to find them here on our site. We’ve sent out our first few newsletters, which is where we’ll be connecting directly with you.Sazan and StevieWe'd like to thank you for your time and support, it truly means so much to us! We are thrilled to welcome you into this new chapter of our lives.

P.S. Good things are coming very soon! 

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I just listened to podcasts on whoa, thank you!

Grace June 16, 2022

Watching your newest video right now and I love how you mention it was when you took your time great things came! So true, you can definitely tell you two had to put an immense amount of trust into the Lord ♥️ He adores you guys ♥️ Thank you for sharing your journey, love ya!!

Cassidy December 20, 2021

Congratulations on this journey. As you so beautifully expressed, good is all around us and it is up to us to find it, live it and experienced it. life is a wonderful journey and it is up to each of us to find our ways. I am in my midlife with two adult children almost the same age as you two. I love following your journey through out all your stages in life. I have always admired you both for your resilience and commitment to your love. Looking forward to what’s to come. You have my support. Much Love @kattiamcg

Kattia Goldstein December 09, 2021

Woohoo! Gods timing sometimes is better than our own. Amen, he really does teach us through the highs and lows of life

Victoria December 09, 2021

Ahh I know I don’t know you guys personally, but I truly feel like I was just welcomed into your cozy home and I had a seat at your table after reading this post. You guys inspire me in more ways than not, but especially with how you guys walk with the Lord. I love listening to your podcast and the encouraging words you guys preach on faith, life, and how to truly be your authentic self. I cannot wait for the store to officially open and make my home as cozy as yours!

Abby December 09, 2021

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