Our January Recap + A Look Into 2022

Last year was a memorable one for us here at S+S. We launched our newsletter, website, and shop! There were highs and lows, but looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing. We learned so many valuable lessons that we are bringing into 2022 with us. This year has already been one for the books, so we wanted to give you a recap of the first month so far!

We started the year off by taking things slow, and we are so happy that we did! We’ve talked a lot about resolutions recently, and how the pressure to get them all done as fast as you can is overrated. We had the luxury to ease into the new year and our new goals and projects. It really helped us get a good start  with a clear mind.

It hasn’t been all rest and relaxation though. With bouts of sickness going around and Amari teething, a whole lot of our famous chicken noodle soup was needed! We can’t complain though because it is so easy to make and hits the spot every time! 
Sazan Hendrix
Once we we’re all on the mend, we headed off on our first work trips of the year! First we went to Atlanta where we attended market and got to visit so many amazing showrooms. S+S Goods product development and creative research is off to great start and we left feeling very inspired. So much goodness is coming this year! After Atlanta, we went straight to Nashville where we took some very exciting meetings and got to spend time with sweet friends too. Next, we went to Kentucky for the first time to visit our best friends and their 2 sweet boys. Let’s just say we got a taste of what it would feel like if we had 4 kids!!!! (And it wasn’t so bad!)

We had a great time traveling, but being back home has never felt better. Our master room renovations are underway but we’ve had a couple setbacks since we last spoke… more on that later lol.

And here’s what we’ve been absolutely loving this month: We watched the entirety of Queen Victoria on PBS (such a good series!) and are almost done with the first season of Yellowstone. The two shows could not be more different, but we are currently hooked on all things western!

In the world of parenting, we found out Teeny has some cavities (yikes!) so wish us luck in the coming weeks as we navigate through dental work with a toddler. Poor baby! Meanwhile, keeping up with Amari is a whole other post. She is fully walking now so it’s been a workout keeping up with her while she explores every inch of the house!
Stevie and Sazan Hendrix
Also! In other exciting news, our podcast is coming back next week! We love recording new episodes every week but during the holidays we took some much needed time to rest, re-charge and live the good life! We have so many amazing topics, guests and shows lined up for this year so stay tuned!!

As far as S+S Goods goes, this is where most of our free-time has been spent! We are so passionate about it and are working on finalizing ALL of our products for this year. It’s really cool considering this is truly the first year we get to bring so many things (finally!) to life. We are also very excited about some fun upcoming personal travels we have scheduled. Our next trip? We are going back to Round Top which is one of our favorite places for antique shopping! More on that later.

God is always good but lately His presence feels closer than ever. Despite the daily challenges we all must face, His goodness is all around. This month really spoke out to us. We’ll be sharing Steve’s good word of the month in our newsletter next week. We have some big plans for exclusive newsletter-only content this year, so if you haven’t joined the fam yet you can here!

We’d love to hear how your month has gone! What has been the best moment so far? What are you looking forward to in 2022? Share with us in the comments!


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Hi S & S,
Love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful pictures! You’re such a great family!
Obviously you don’t know me, but my husband and I moved from Southern California to Texas in July and I am still adjusting. Lots to love about Texas, but miss family and friends back in So. Cal. Hopefully my daughter and husband will move to Texas this Spring. She’s a newlywed and I want to be within driving distance when she starts having babies! Praying on that! My son is about 30 minutes away. I just need to make some friends. Currently don’t really have any in Texas!
I look forward to seeing more from you! XOXO

Julie Williams March 03, 2022

Aww so sweet to see this blog! Many blessings to you guys as you navigate this year 🤍

Kendra Salinas February 01, 2022

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